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How to buy & sell?


Do you have items in your wardrobe that you know you will never, or can never wear again?

Would you like to recoup some of the initial expenditure spent on your wardrobe?

Have you purchased garments one size smaller which you swore you would slim to fit into? (we're all guilty!)

Or do you just want to de clutter & create room for new items?


We do all the work for you!

Our in house proffesional photographer photographs each item showing all the special details of the garment including possible flaws.

We post the item on the web-site, facebook and any other social media site we feel may be relavant.

We do all the marketing for you.

All you need to do is supply the cleaned garments and collect the monies when you item sells.

Who we are?

Divas Pre-loved and www.Ormar.hr is your web store of choice to find that special Designer or unique Vintage dress, skirt, jacket, coat, accessory and so much more to complement your wardrobe. New items are posted weekly. Each item is carefully measured to make fitting a snap. The place to buy as well as sell! For more details see the links below.

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