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From Generation to Generation

The clothes and accessories we wear are stories that speak loudly in our closets of events and occasions, above all they remind us of how we felt when we wore them. So we lovingly hold onto these special pieces saving them for the next generation in hopes they will create their own new stories.

Our store Divas Vintage offers handbags from many eras and designers that are full of interesting stories. We love exclusivity, quality and lasting fashions. Therefore e chose for this exhibition a handbag with a Slovene identity, from the avantguarde creator of these handbags a true icon.

The women in the photograghs are captured in an emotional moment, wearing outfits from Divas Vintage and sharing with us their stories and memories that are conected to the handbag with the signature Groselj.

The exhibit was on view at Kongresni trg from the 13th to the 15th of April in the Tent during Ljubljana Fashion Week and after moved to Divas Vintage Store.

To keep in the spirit or generation to generation we hold an auction of donated "G" handbags on May 7th 2015. The proceeds have been donated to ZPM Zveza Prijateljov Mladine an organization which helps children who are less fortunate.

Authors of the exhibit: Barbara Por Hrovat, Julia Kaja Hrovat and Manja Plešnar.


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