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Divas Preloved  is  dedicated in bringing you quality personally selected preloved designer and vintage clothing and accessories. We believe fashion is an art! Todays fashion trends are different from those of decades past where pillbox hats and beatniks were the rage in the 60’s, punk and mod in the 70’s, shoulder pads and disco in the 80’s and so forth.

Today fashion is more eclectic allowing us to create our own style perhaps even starting a new fashion trend or just being unique. Quality and classic tailoring never goes out of style! We offer our buyers quality fabrics and materials, good craftsmanship in well tailored garments along with  original pieces to combine and create you own unique look. 

We are environmentally conscious and believe in recycling.  Purchasing preloved garments and accessories contributes to preserving our environment.

Fast fashion does not interest us if you share our opinion we believe you will enjoy our site and what it has to offer.

Who we are?

Divas Pre-loved and www.Ormar.hr is your web store of choice to find that special Designer or unique Vintage dress, skirt, jacket, coat, accessory and so much more to complement your wardrobe. New items are posted weekly. Each item is carefully measured to make fitting a snap. The place to buy as well as sell! For more details see the links below.

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